..basically there is not so much to tell...


Creativity runs like a colorful string through our lives.


Painting, modeling, photographing, creating something out of "nothing" ,


Capturing the moment, this one moment, oh - there are so many ways to live creativity.


That's what makes up our existence.


What you will find here:


Performing arts -


Painting: mainly landscape, still life


Sculpture: mainly from papier-mache`, paperclay, wood flour and lived material from fabric, wood etc.


Photography: black and white and color


Well, and much more that bears our signature.


A blog - if you want to know more about us and what we do.


And if you have read this far,

we are especially pleased!




We are glad that you are here!


Ingrid Maria and Christian Wagner




Purchase or  rent?

often the question arises:

 Purchase or rent - with us both are possible!


selected artworks can be purchased or simply rented. 

these are either individual pieces or designated small series / art prints.



purchase of the original: for this you will receive with the invoice the guarantee that no further duplicates will be made.

rent/lease: for about 20-25% (depending on the original price) you can rent the artwork for one year.

should you decide to buy the exhibit during this time, the remaining rent will of course be taken into account in the form of a corresponding deduction in the new invoice.


small business according to § 6 abs.1 nr. 27 ustg



all offered works are signed and will be delivered as follows:

oil paintings: canvas / stretcher.

works in watercolor/mixed media: for protection in neutral white passepartout (museum quality).

many of the exhibits shown here are available for art prints in many sizes and qualities and can be

can be made according to your wishes.   

sculptures: these will be delivered carefully packed in an appropriate box.


  whatever and however you decide - 

  we look forward to hearing from you!



contact support visit us

Phone: +43 (0) 650 56 18 250 



Dernjacgasse 6/1/5

1230 Wien 

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